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If you are considering Earlobe Plastic Surgery, please find here an introduction to Dr. Pearson and our practice.

We invite you to visit with us for a consultation with Dr. Pearson to learn more about how Cosmetic Ear Surgery may help you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Earlobe Reduction Surgery Overview

GOALS Reduce the size of elongated earlobes
PROCEDURE Earlobe Reduction
ANESTHESIA Local anesthesia in the office
LENGTH Under 1 hour
AFTER PROCEDURE Sutures are removed in 5-7 days.
RECOVERY Resume most activities immediately. Return to work the following day. Resume full exertional activity in 1-2 weeks.

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Earlobe Reduction Surgery

Photo Pearson Earlobe Reduction Photo Pearson Earlobe Reduction

Photos above depict Earlobe Plastic Surgery performed by Dr. James Pearson

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Earlobe Reduction

Earlobe Reduction involves cosmetic surgery on the soft tissues of the ear to reduce the size of the earlobes.

The Aging Process
In older adults, lengthening of the earlobes can impart an aged quality. Years of heavy earring use may exacerbate this finding.

Candidates for Earlobe Reduction
You may be a candidate for Earlobe Reduction if the appearance of your earlobes draws unwanted attention, detracts or distracts from your other facial features, or if you find the appearance of your ears unsatisfactory due to earlobe size.

Earlobe Reduction Surgery
In adults wishing to shorten elongated earlobes, surgery may be undertaken in the office under local anesthesia.

Recovery after Earlobe Reduction
Early soreness is well controlled with oral pain medications. Sutures are removed in 5-7 days. Swelling and bruising resolve by 10 days. Return to non-exertional work is permissible the following day. Some adults prefer to return to work after 5-7 days. Full activity is permissible by 3 weeks. Piercing of the repaired earlobe is delayed for 6 weeks.

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Photos Dr. Pearson Earlobe Plastic Surgery

Click the image above or here to view Before & After photos of earlobe plastic surgery performed by Dr. Pearson.

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Patients describe their experiences with earlobe plastic surgery performed by Dr. Pearson.

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Earlobe Plastic Surgery FAQ


What is Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

Earlobe Plastic Surgery is undertaken to improve the size or shape of an earlobe or to reconstruct a torn or gauged earlobe or to repair an elongated earlobe piercing.

Where is the Earlobe Plastic Surgery performed?

The procedure is performed right in the office.

What type of Anesthesia is used for a Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

Local anesthesia, which is also known as 'injectable numbing medication'.

What type of surgical scar may I expect?

When surgical incision sites are carefully planned, meticulously performed, and appropriately cared for, Dr. Pearson's Earlobe Plastic Surgery scarring is typically inconspicuous and not noticed by onlookers.

Are there risks involved with Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

Yes. During your consultation, Dr. Pearson will discuss with you the potential risks of surgery. Precautions are taken to minimize risks. Most patients do not experience complications. As a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Pearson's surgical practice is limited to the Face, including the Earlobes. We believe that our high level of sub-specialization and practice focus enables us to minimize risks associated with Facial Plastic Surgery.

Am I a candidate for Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

If you are concerned with the appearance of your earlobes or unwanted attention which may be drawn to your earlobes due to their size, shape, or enlarged piecing or gauge, you may be a candidate for this procedure. Several factors are considered as to an individual's candidacy for Earlobe Plastic Surgery.

Ideal candidates for facial plastic surgery demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco
  • Have a positive outlook
  • Have reasonable expectations about what can be accomplished with surgery
  • Understand and accept the risks and limitations of surgery


How will I look after my Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

Most people feel comfortable resuming social appearances the day following the procedure. Fine surgical sutures are visible on the earlobe skin during the first week. Those are easily concealed with women's hairstyling, but not so easily with men's short hair.

Will I look like I had cosmetic surgery?

This is a common concern among individuals considering cosmetic surgery. In short, once any early swelling has resolved and the scar has a little time to mature, onlookers typically cannot tell that our patients underwent cosmetic ear surgery. Dr. Pearson is sought after specifically for his ability to achieve natural results.

Natural-appearing Earlobe Plastic Surgery should demonstrate a natural size, shape, and balance with surrounding facial features and should have inconspicuous surgical scars.

View our Photo Gallery to see a sampling of Dr. Pearson's Earlobe Plastic Surgery results.


How can I prepare for my Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

Prior to your procedure, we will email a list of behaviors and medications and supplements that you should avoid in the week prior to your procedure.

What type of pre-operative testing is requested?

For procedures performed under local anesthesia alone, no particular pre-operative testing is usually needed for otherwise healthy people.

How far out should I plan to schedule surgery?

In general, we schedule Earlobe Plastic Surgery a few weeks in advance. During certain times of the year, more advance notice is needed. If you know your preferred time and availability, we can schedule further in advance to reserve your appointment.


What may I expect following my Earlobe Plastic Surgery? (First 24 hours)

On the day of your procedure, detailed instructions for aftercare are provided and discussed.

  • Patients are instructed to keep the head elevated and avoid exertion for the early post-operative period.
  • No surgical dressing is used for Earlobe Plastic Surgery.
  • Most patients resume driving immediately.
  • Patients are instructed to keep the surgical site moist with antibiotic ointment, which we provide at the time of your procedure.
  • Most patients use prescription pain medications for only the first night.

Recovery (after 24 hours)

  • Resume light activity at home the day after surgery. That includes caring for oneself, preparing food, etc.
  • You are advised to avoid exertion and straining activities during the early recovery period.
  • Most patients resume social appearances and attend work the day following their procedure.
  • Sutures are removed within 7 days.
  • By 1 week, there is significant improvement in the expected peri-operative bruising and swelling.
  • By 1-2 weeks, full exertion including exercise is resumed.

When can I return to work / resume social appearances?

Most patients feel ready to return to work once they feel that their appearance is socially acceptable by the day after their procedure (see above).

When can I resume exercise?

Intense exercise is typically resumed by 1-2 weeks. Depending on your swelling and healing progress, Dr. Pearson will advise you when exercise may be resumed in your case.


How much does Earlobe Plastic Surgery cost?

This is an individualized question. Contributing cost factors include:

  • The type of procedure requested (torn earlobe repair, gauged earlobe repair, earlobe reduction) and the amount of surgical time required.
  • At the time of your visit, Dr. Pearson can evaluate your ears so that you can be provided with an accurate cost estimate.
  • Alternatively, you can email photos of your ears, and our patient care coordinator can provide you with a cost estimate.

Each Earlobe Plastic Surgery procedure is customized by Dr. Pearson to the individual's needs and preferences. Some cases require additional work and/or time to achieve optimal results. Consequently, the cost estimate varies accordingly.

The cost of a Earlobe Plastic Surgery is reasonable. People concerned with a diminished appearance related to their earlobes consider the cost to be worthwhile. Dr. Pearson's patients report a very high rate of satisfaction with their results and the positive impact on their lives. See some of our patient's reviews on our website.

How do the finances work for cosmetic facial surgery such as Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

If you choose to proceed with surgery, we will work with you to find an acceptable date for your procedure. A deposit is requested at that time to hold your date. For office-based procedures, final payment is due on the day of service.

Contact Our Office Today - to schedule a consultation or service with Dr. Pearson

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