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Perlane® Overview

GOALS Wrinkle filler / diminishes 'passive' wrinkles / creases / restores facial volume
PROCEDURE Perlane® treatment
ANESTHESIA None or topical anesthesia
LENGTH 15-30 minutes
AFTER PROCEDURE Minor redness which improves in about 30 minutes
RECOVERY Resume normal activities immediately

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Perlane® is a member of the 'wrinkle filler' class of injectable facial treatments. Members of this class are also referred to as dermal fillers, injectable fillers, and volumizers. Fillers are effective for improving 'static' wrinkles which are visible at rest (in contrast to 'active' wrinkles which are visible only with muscle action). Wrinkle fillers may be used interchangeably in some cases. Characteristics of the filler material may make certain fillers more favorable for use in certain areas of the face. Fillers differ from each other based upon the component material, reversibility, particle size, viscosity, and expected duration of effect. During your consultation with Dr. Pearson, you will discuss the filler(s) that may be best suited to address your particular concerns and needs.

Perlane® is composed of hyaluronic acid. One benefit of this material is that its effects may be reversed using an antidote called hyaluronidase. The duration of Perlane's effect is up to 12 months.

Perlane® is FDA approved for the treatment of mild to moderate facial creases. It is commonly used to aid in smoothing facial creases of the forehead and brow, plumping the eyebrows or temporal region, smoothing under eye hollows, enhancing the lips and defining a cupid’s bow, enhancing volume and defining contours of the cheeks, chin and jaw line, softening the appearance of scars and other depressed defects, and softening the appearance of bony hands.

The Aging Process
Over time, volume is lost and redistributed from certain facial areas including around the mouth, cheeks, and lips. Wrinkles or creases may form in the facial skin due to a combination of that volume loss and repetitive actions of the facial muscles.

Candidates for Restylane®
You may be a candidate for injectable filler treatment with Perlane if you are dissatisfied with facial wrinkles or with the loss of facial volume.

Complementary Procedures
In conjunction with injectable fillers, wrinkle reducers (such as BOTOX® or Dysport®) may be used for those wrinkles which are present with muscle movement. Facial resurfacing procedures may also be considered to improve skin surface irregularities.

Temporary redness resolves within minutes. Normal activities are resumed immediately. Instructions are given to avoid certain activities for the first day after treatment.

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A patient describes her experience with treatments performed by Dr. Pearson.
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