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Reviews for Dr. Pearson Facial Plastic Surgeon

See what Dr. Pearson's patients have to say about our practice

Reviews below are from independent, third-party review sites as indicated. You may view reviews at their original location by clicking on the area containd within the blue box of the review. Alternatively, click the review site logo below to be taken directly to that site. Disclaimer: Results and patient experience may vary.

RealSelf Patient Reviews of James M. Pearson, MD
Dr Pearson is one of the most mindful, caring doctors that I’ve ever met. He takes time with me each and every visit to address all of my concerns and never makes me feel rushed. He is extremely knowledgeable and makes me feel at ease when I’m in his care. Unlike most doctors, his patient care extends beyond the office with a routine, friendly follow up call or email. You can be assured that Dr Pearson always has your best interest in mind and it is his mission to make you look and feel your very best!

Many thanks for all your incredible skill, hard work and a level of care I think would be unmatched anywhere. - Sandy

My nose looks amazing …Thanks again for all your excellent work. -M.

Dr. Pearson has performed three treatments for me, each one with fantastic results. Botox (fab!), a peel (great results) and most recently, Sculptra Aesthetic. The Sculptra results are amazing. I can see, and have been told I look years younger. I can’t wait for my next appointment. Dr. Pearson has a way about him that reminds me of a time when doctors spent time with their patients, because he does and is thorough! Very happy and really can’t wait to see him again.
- Michelle G.

Dr. Pearson reminds me of a quintessential southern gentleman – warm, caring, unhurried.  This gracious man answered all of my questions with such patience and thoroughness, the whole process was relaxing and reassuring.  When it came time for the procedure, he insured that I was completely comfortable and knew what to expect at every step of the way, including after care.  And I got excellent results!  I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
- Lynn

The before and after photos are amazing!!!  HUGE difference!  I love this.  Thank you so much, no wonder I feel so much better about my skin.  WOW.  So cool.
- KC

I’m so happy to have found Dr. Pearson! I started doing Dysport treatments a little over two years ago. I’ve tried a few different places around Los Angeles, but was never in love with my results… Until now. Dr. Pearson just gets it. He understands what I mean when I say that I want to reduce wrinkles but not look frozen. I’ve introduced A LOT of my girlfriends and every single one feels the same as I do. Even the skeptics walk away loving their results and tell me afterward that they felt SO comfortable in his care and are so happy to know Dr. Pearson. There’s something more than great treatments, however… He’s not only good looking, sweet, and good at what he does… he’s also a really good person who does good things. When you stop in to say hello, ask him about the missions he does in third world countries to help children with facial deformities. Ya, that’s right. Description: )   
- Cat L

If some of the factors in deciding whether or not you’ve chosen the right plastic surgeon for your needs are skill..expertise..technique and large fund of knowledge are important to you..then Dr Pearson is the right physician for you..
Not only is he by far the most pleasant professional I’ve met in my 55 years but his competence is clearly evident..
From the moment you phone his office right until the moment you will know that you are in good understand that you are supported and cared for because he believes you deserve the best..
I highly recommend Dr Pearson to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon..This is a physician that considers your needs and your outcome critical to his success..your satisfaction is his top priority..he and his staff consistently do everything in their power to make certain you want to return..
My experience with Dr Pearson will certainly keep me coming back..
- Deborah

I highly recommend Dr. Pearson. When I found out I needed a cancer removed from my lip I was terrified. Not only was I worried about the cancer but also what I would look like after the surgery. My previous doctor performed several surgeries and was not encouraging about what I would look like after the repair. I was afraid I would never look normal again. I am so happy I found Dr. Pearson. At my initial consultation he immediately put me at ease. He educated me on my situation, was realistic but encouraging about the results, and thoroughly explained my options. He checked on me often both before and after the surgery and always promptly returns my phone calls. He has continued this level of care until now. Best of all, the repair was amazing, I even cried when I took off the bandages.
- Collette E.

I am so glad that I found Dr. Pearson, he is so caring and his little dose of youth on my face made all the difference. I look 10 years younger and that makes me feel very young at heart. It makes all the difference in the world from the inside out. 
- Isabel

It was a pleasure having you work on me……….you are talented and I love your attention to detail. Thanks again and again. - J

I have only positive things to say about Dr. Pearson, both as a doctor and as a person. He’s very thorough and takes great care and detail with even the most minor procedures. I ask lots of questions and he never makes me feel like any question is unimportant. He’s always willing to clarify and makes sure that the patient fully understands and is comfortable. I find him to be both a gifted and compassionate surgeon. He fully tailors each procedure to one’s individual needs and his results are completely natural. My surgical results with Dr. Pearson went far beyond my expectations. I’m still amazed and beyond pleased with my results. I marvel at his attention to detail and excellent results. He’s not pleased until you are.
- Michelle B.

I wanted to thank you for all of the great care you have given me. You’re extremely patient and kind and never make me feel like I ask too many questions … I’m thrilled that I’ve found a doctor with your expertise and meticulous nature. You have gone above and beyond my expectations with your care … I know I’m in great hands.
- M.

I am very happy to have found Dr. Pearson … The experience I had with him was very impressive. He was very thorough and patient in explaining everything about the procedure, what to expect and all the possible risks and outcomes. He made sure that I would feel very comfortable and ready before deciding to proceed with the procedure. His care would then continue even after the procedure was done. He called the next day to make sure that I was doing well and provided me with the follow-up contact number in case of urgent questions or problems.
I am very satisfied with Dr. Pearson’s personal level of care and his medical expertise. I would come back to him for any future cosmetic needs and would highly recommend him for my family and friends.
- NN

… Thank you from the bottom of my heart … you are an outstanding doctor and from what learned about your work in Central America, the epitome of someone who makes decisions as to the care of others with both your head and your heart. In today’s world, this seems to be the exception rather then the rule. I was extremely fortunate to have found you as a surgeon and get to know you as a person. I’ll shall never forget your kindness. God bless you.
- Ron

…I am so thankful for your help. I am actually surprised at how well my face healed. I barely had any markings, and the discoloration above my lip has actually faded with just that one session!!!!  THANK YOU!
- Melissa

I went to Dr. Pearson with a main concern – melasma and uneven skin tone.  Both of which had been bothering me and making me feel self-conscious that I looked a lot older than my 40 years.  Dr. Pearson gave me a thorough and honest examination, and explained to me the causes of different types of facial pigmentation and how my skin type (more olive and oily) factored in relation to the various available treatments.  We agreed that a series of lower level chemical peels would be a safe and effective route and I have to say I noticed the difference after one peel!  My skin was brighter, had a radiance I haven’t seen since my teens and my spots already looked lighter.  The surface of my skin felt smoother too.  It can be a little frightening to try something new, but Dr. Pearson explained each step so thoroughly I felt very comfortable…and excited.  And when I had some questions and wondered if my results the next day were “normal” or “typical” he met me at his office long after office hours to make sure that my results were in fact as they should be, and to allay any fears I may be feeling.  It was an unmatched kind of personal care that is invaluable when you are undergoing any type of procedure.
I also recently received Dysport from Dr. Pearson to relax my light wrinkles.  Despite having previously received it from other doctors, he again was very thorough at explaining every step and has the lightest touch I have experienced so far.  Unlike med spas, he examines your facial features for several minutes and really diagnoses where best to inject for maximum results without changing your looks.  And the results are fantastic!  Combining the peel and the relaxers, I am feeling extremely confident in my skin and love how I look close-up in pictures!  I’m looking forward to continuing my procedures with Dr. Pearson and seeing my future results, and would highly recommend him to anyone who is currently undergoing any facial procedures and especially to anyone who is considering them for the first time.  His patience, thoroughness, attentive care and aesthetic talent make him a wonderful find in the South Bay!
- Kristin C.

I highly recommend Dr. Pearson not just as a patient but also as a business owner. His professionalism, patience and knowledge are greater then any other doctor I have ever met with.
He always takes the extra steps to make you feel completely comfortable and at ease and it’s an absolute pleasure working with him and his lovely team.
- Gina T

I looked for many plastic surgeons for a scar revision, but when I found Dr. Pearson I knew my search was over. He did an extraordinary job on my scar to where it is nearly invisible, and I am more than happy with the results. Yet my favorite characteristic was how he listened to what I wanted specifically, and adjusted the entire process so that I felt comfortable as an individual the entire way through. Thank you Dr. Pearson for changing my life.
- Mike

I’ve undergone multiple procedures with Dr. Pearson and he always explains the procedure and what to expect step by step. Dr. Pearson is very thorough in all he does. His office could not be any more accommodating with my schedule, they’re great. All around, it is a great experience and there’s a tremendous difference in my appearance. In fact, I need a new   black book due to the number of times I am approached on the street by admirers who give me their phone number! Dr. Pearson is the best!
- SM

I highly recommend Dr. Pearson.   He is very professional, patient and knows his products and how to apply them with little to no pain!
He is thoughtful and explains everything and from the moment you meet him you know you are in the right hands.
I have never had any doctor take the time to explain everything so carefully, all the pros and cons of the products to be used.
Also, no other doctor had ever recommend to me the product Radiesse and I was concerned about how it would work. He explained everything about the
product and the success he has had with it. He was absolutely correct and I am very happy with the results.
My 100% positive experience with Dr. Pearson will keep me coming back and recommending him to my friends.
Thank You Dr. Pearson!
- JB

I was referred to Dr. Pearson by a friend who had nothing but good things to say about him. I already had a doctor I was seeing for Botox but thought I would give him try. I was surprised to receive both a follow-up phone call and email from Dr. Pearson checking in on my results. These days you can’t get past the reception to talk to your doctor and here he was actually calling me. I really appreciated the extra mile Dr. Pearson went to make sure I was happy.
- C.S.

Dr Pearson was very understanding of my concerns about my skin pigmentation. Unlike other specialists I have spoken to, Dr Pearson was optimistic about a successful treatment, he was thorough in his explanation of my in office treatment and at home care and most important diligent in the treatment follow up. On top of all the great physician qualities he is extremely approachable and friendly! I plan to recommend him to my friends and family and will absolutely be a repeat patient!
- -Bethany

I have always been bothered by my upper lip. One side is higher than the other. When I decided to get Restylane to even out my lips, I was extremely nervous. As a nurse, I had the advantage of talking to other nurses in the business and getting recommendations. Dr. Pearson came highly recommended and after having him treat my lips I understood why. Not only was he skillful but he was very gentle and reassuring. The results were everything I hoped for.
- Joyce G.

Due to my medical background as a pediatric dentist from New York City, I did considerable research before deciding to undergo surgery on my nose after suffering from deviated septum symptoms for years.
I decided to go to Dr. Pearson and during the first visit he explained to me all my treatment options, and provided detailed answers to every single question I asked. I was totally satisfied in all treatment stages.
His friendly staff worked with my insurance to make sure the procedure was covered by my insurance plan.  The recovery period was very easy with close follow up and almost daily emails from Dr. Pearson.
After this seamless experience, I underwent chemical peeling with Dr. Pearson and it’s really refreshing my facial skin and I will definitely be coming back. I really appreciate Dr. Pearson’s practice and cannot say enough in praise. 
Simply put, he is the doctor of the doctors.
- Dr. H

I deeply value my relationship with Dr. Pearson because it is clear he understands that customer service is a 360 degree experience and every touch point with the patient is as critical as the treatment itself.  Every interaction I have ever had with your office has been professional, thorough, accommodating and reassuring.
- Susan

Dear Dr. Pearson,
I would like provide you with a “heartfelt” thanks for taking such great care of my father during his cancer removal and reconstruction surgeries. It was highly evident that you are very passionate in your field of expertise given the significant attention you and your staff provided day in and day out throughout his procedures.  You were flexible, well thought out and always positive on how we tackle the situation with his procedures and follow up care.  I only wish more doctors were like you in recognizing an elderly person’s needs and care. 
Ensuring my father that he was in a safe and caring environment was critical to his well being and recovery. You exceeded both of our expectations through your proactive approach, continuous engagement of us in the process, and ensuring that every question was answered before a procedure was performed. This was very reassuring to the both of us.   I am pleased to report that his recovery has been very smooth with amazing results of little to no scaring. 
You are a great doctor and a role model in your field.   It was a pleasure to meet you and your staff. Should the time come where I need your services again, I will be sure to contact your office.  Keep up the great work!
- AP

To sum it all up, Dr. Pearson is everything you want in a plastic surgeon, he truly has a great artistic ability, and a very keen eye for detail. When I called to schedule a consultation, he came on the phone to talk with me, and helped me out with any and all questions I had. It is very hard to sum up how great a plastic surgeon this doctor truly is, he is the best by far!
- Daniel P.

I came to the emergency hospital for a dog bite on my face, frightened about the outcome of my face.
Dr. Pearson saw me as an emergency patient at 5:00 am! I was very anxious and his manner was very calming and reassuring.
My mother has been treated for basal cell cancers on her face for most of her life. She watched Dr. Pearson stitch up my face and was very impressed by his swift and meticulous approach to suturing my face, as was I.
Dr. Pearson gave me detailed instructions for aftercare and …answered my questions promptly and kindly.
Dr. Pearson is a very skilled, dedicated, kind, and attentive doctor. I would highly recommend him for facial plastic surgery.
- Emi I.

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