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Lip Implant Procedure

Perma Facial Implant

Photo Dr. Pearson Lip Implant Review

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Patients displayed underwent the lip implant procedure with Dr. James Pearson

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Lip Implant Procedure Overview

GOALS Long-lasting enhancement of the size and/or shape of the lips
PROCEDURE Lip Implant Procedure, "Perma Facial Implant"
ANESTHESIA Local anesthesia. Sedation is optional, and not needed for most patients.
LENGTH About 20-30 minutes per implant
AFTER PROCEDURE No visible external sutures. Incision site inside corner of mouth not visible to onlookers.
RECOVERY Most people prefer to return to work in about 1 week.

The Lip Implant procedure is one treatment option for those seeking permanent lip enhancement. The procedure is performed in-office, takes under 1 hour to perform, and utilizes a soft, natural-feeling implant which is FDA-cleared for facial implantation.

  • Implant made of silastic with 'gummy bear' feel
  • Incision site located inside corner of mouth, which is not detectable to onlookers
  • Implants are removable, should one choose
  • Implants may be 'up-sized' or 'down-sized' for larger or smaller size
  • Kissing parter cannot feel the implant.

The lips are unique facial features, which receive special attention. During social engagement, our eyes are drawn disproportionately to one's lips as they are to one's eyes. Lips figure prominently in speech and communication and often receive makeup to accentuate their appearance. Various methods of lip enhancement are available including minimally invasive as well as surgical techniques. Both temporary and permanent options are available. Temporary options are a good way for patients to experiment with changes to the lip and 'try on' their new appearance. Many procedures may be performed in the office.

A natural appearance to the lips is integral to a favorable result. Size, shape, symmetry, proportion and balance must all be factored in to the doctor's plan and approach. Simply 'plumping' the lips is not sufficient to acheive the results desired by most women. Evaluation and treatment by a facial specialist like Dr. Pearson can maximize your chances for a superior result. Dr. Pearson's lip enhancement patients appreciate his gentle touch, painless technique, artistic sensibility and eye for detail.

The Aging Process
During the normal aging process, the lips change in size and shape. The red portion of the lip (vermillion) decreases in height and the skin-covered portion of the upper lip (cutaneous lip) elongates. Volume is lost from the red lip as well as from portions of the cutaneous lip responsible for lip contour including the white-red border of the lip (the "white roll") and the portion of the cutaneous lip below the nose which comprises the so-called "Cupid's bow" and adjacent "philtral columns". The cutanaous (skin-bearing) portions of the upper and lower lips also develop vertical lines from both age-related skin changes and the repeated action of the underlying muscles over many years. Together, these changes impart a less youthful appearance to the lip and mouth.

Pearson Lip Enhancement Diagram

Lip Implant Device
The Perma Facial Implant is an FDA cleared device which has undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure its safety and efficacy. The Perma Facial Implant is made of contoured, pliable silicone. The implant is inserted through incisions at the corners and/or top of the lips and molded manually. The Perma Facial Implant does not require replacement or repeated treatments unless there is a complication, and it is designed to not rupture or leak. Various sizes are available and the implant procedure takes approximately half an hour under local anesthesia. As with any facial implant, there is risk of infection, as well as shifting and hardening of the implant, and you may experience swelling or bruising for up to a week or more.

Pearson Lip Augmentation Pearson Lip Augmentation

Complementary Procedures
Skin resurfacing of the skin surrounding the mouth can help to improve the vertical lines which appear on the white portion of the upper and lower lips.

Possible Non-surgical Alternative Treatments
Volumizing fillers may be used to rejuvenate the lips by restoring volume or enhancing lip shape and contour.

Recovery after Lip Implant
Following lip implant placement, mild soreness, and temporary swelling and bruising improve over a couple of days. Most people choose to wait until any sutures are removed (5-7 days) prior to returning to work.

Featured Video - Lip Implant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the consistency of the Perma Lip implant?

The Perma Lip implant has a 'gummy bear' feel. During consultation, implants are available at our office for patients to see and feel for themselves.

How are the implants sized?

Three sizes (diameter) are available; 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm. In addition, the implants are available in different lengths. During consultation, Dr. Pearson measures your lips and the implants are custom ordered to your specifications.

What are the potential risks of this procedure?

Potential risks are similar to any facial implant procedure and include the possibilities of infection, implant displacement, contracture, etc. A detailed discussion about possible risks is undertaken during consultation with Dr. Pearson. Various precautions are taken to minimize risks. Most patients experience no complications.

Do the implants require replacement after some period (like breast implants)?

No. The Perma Facial implant is not intended to be replaced.

How will I know which size is best for me?

You will have the opportunity to view the implants during your consultation. Also, Dr. Pearson can help you to decide which size may be suitable for you, given your starting lip size and shape and your goals.

Can an onlooker tell that I have a lip implant? What about kissing partners?

No, once the swelling subsides, onlookers cannot tell that a lip implant is present. Kissing partners cannot tell either. However, you can feel the implant underneath the thin skin of the lip if you grasp the implant between your fingers.

How are the implants inserted?

Dr. Pearson inserts the implants through small incisions concealed just inside the corners of your mouth. One incision per side allows for insertion of both the upper and lower lip implants.

Is the procedure painful?

Patients report that they feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure. On the evening of the procedure, many patients use pain medications to control the soreness and help them to rest. Most patients discontinue use of prescription pain medications on the day after the procedure.

Can I drive myself home from the procedure?

Yes. Since only local anesthesia (injectable numbing medication) is typically used, you may resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Is there swelling and/or bruising following the procedure?

For most women, bruising is minimal. Swelling of the lips is expected. Lips appear most swollen on the day after the procedure. By 1 week, most (but not all) of the swelling has dissipated.

Will the implant impart the appearance of 'duck lips'?

This is a common concern among women who consider this procedure. Among Dr. Pearson's patients, this has not been a common problem. If the implants are placed in precisely the correct location in the lips, Dr. Pearson can minimize the unnatural bulging which causes the 'duck lip' appearance. See the photo gallery for profile views of our patients who have undergone this procedure.

How do I care for my lips during the healing period?

Patients are provided with detailed instructions at the time of the procedure.

How long before I can return to work?

Although it is ok to return to non-exertional work immediately, most women choose to return to work by about 7 days, when most of the swelling has subsided.

When can I resume full activity including exercise?

In most cases, patients may resume full activity by 2-3 weeks following the procedure.

Can the implant be removed?

Yes. One of the advantages of the Perma Facial implant is its relatively easy removability

Can the implant be exchanged for a different size if I change my mind about which size I would like?

Yes. A new implant may be inserted into an excisting 'pocket' immediately following removal of a prior implant

Why would anyone consider this procedure if they can achieve the results they want using injectable treatments?

Most patients who consider this procedure are not satisfied with the longevity of their injectable results. Interested patients seek a more long-lasting, stable result. They consider undesirable such factors as: the recurring expense, downtime / healing period, need for multiple appointments, inconsistent results with each treatment, and inconsistent lip appearance (plump immediately following treatment, increasingly less full as the filler is resorbed).

Are Perma Facial implants cleared by the FDA ?

The Perma Facial implants are FDA cleared for permanent facial augmentation. They are used off-label in the lips.

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