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Among men, plastic surgery has been rapidly gaining popularity. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, last year, men underwent nearly 1.25 million plastic surgery procedures in the US.

Since 2000, the number of cosmetic procedures performed on men has increased 22%. Men now account for approximately 13% of all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed. The most popular procedures include rhinoplasty, hair restoration and rejuvenation procedures of the brow, eyelids, face and neck.


Men seek to enhance to enhance preserve or restore their appearance for many of the same reasons as women. Men often cite a desire to look refreshed, less tired and/or more energetic. Men describe a mismatch between how they feel and how they look. They may feel good, but do not believe that their appearance accurately reflects that sense of well-being. This mismatch compels many men to inquire about how that inconsistency may be remedied.

Another common concern for men is the desire to remain competitive in the workplace. For better or for worse, appearance matters. A man who appears tired or lacking vitality, energy or enthusiasm may not be afforded the same opportunities as the more youthful appearing man. This real or perceived disadvantage may have psychological implications for men that can improve markedly with enhancements to their appearance. As appearance is improved, men report improvements in their outlook, confidence, and sense of well-being.

However, male plastic surgery is not a simple matter of applying to the male patient the same techniques used in the female patient. The astute surgeon must recognize the fundamental aesthetic differences between the sexes and understand those qualities which impart femininity or masculinity. Nowhere is this understanding so vital as in the face. The last thing that most men want is to appear feminized in any way. In fact, men commonly site celebrities or others visible in the media as examples of how they do not wish to appear.

Dr. Pearson understands men's desire to look and feel their best. His goal is to aid his male patients to achieve their aesthetic goals while maintaining a natural, un-operated, and masculine appearance.

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